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One of the things that all people of the world share in common is that we are all here on a journey in life.

We are all born in different parts of the world, with different people around us and different ways of living.

We all will learn many things about life on our journey, and we all will help others to learn new things and have new experiences.

You will have special abilities and qualities that others do not have, and other people will have knowledge and skills that you can learn from them.

Sometimes we teach others just by being ourselves.

The Delight Makers are here to share knowledge and experiences with you. Our wish is that you  can discover the magic inside of you, and that you become wise enough to know how to make life good for yourself and others.

The Delight Makers Guardian Angels are a council of wise people and elders from around the world who can help answer questions for you. They have spent their lives learning the secrets to happiness, joy and living magically and they wish to share their experience with you. To make sure we do this very well we have decided to put you in charge.

That means that you will be in the driving seat and telling us which direction you want us to go towards.

Your voice matters and your needs and concerns are very important. So tell us what it is that you need to know.

When we feel worried, confused, frightened or unsure it is good to have a friendly place to go to for help. You can put your question forward in complete privacy; nobody will see who it is from.

So we invite you, our Wiz Kids Members, to …… Ask the Guardian Angels

Here are some ideas for you:

  • What worries you?
  • What frightens or scares you?
  • How to achieve the things that you want to achieve?
  • How to help your mind be happy?
  • How thinking can affect how you see the world outside of you?
  • How to feel relaxed?

Questions for Oracles & Guardian Angels

Just pop your question in the box. It will stay private, and your name will not be shared with anybody else.

Questions and answers will also be posted in the Forest of Friendship, so that other people with the same question can also view the answers. We will do this in a safe way, without disclosing your name, so that nobody will know who asked the question and you can keep your privacy.

Our wish is that you will have all of the tools that you need to find the truth for yourself, so that you will feel confident and relaxed and able to live life with lots of joy.