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© Raymond Haddad:

Imagine a stadium.

It’s filled with people full of excitement and anticipation.
You take your seat.A hush comes over the audience.
In come the Wisdom Keepers from the most ancient magical traditions of the world. They open a sacred magical space to start your journey.
The ceremony begins.
YOU, the audience, are taking part in every step.
This is the start of your journey home, to the centre of your very being.

Bring in the musicians.

Bring in the dancers.

Bring in the story tellers.

Bring in the leaders in consciousness.

They will, using the best techniques available, show you how to break free from limitations in your mind and set your spirit free.

The truth and the magic is starting to reveal itself.

Bring in the comedians. We’ll need a good laugh at this point as we start to realise how mad the world has been.
More music and you find yourself singing.
Greater discoveries are being made by you.
More tools liberate and empower you.

Healing is taking place.
You make peace with, and release, the past.

The Delight Maker inside you is about to be set free.
Creativity begins.
Possibilities and new dreams are being born from you.

The power is in your hands.
Now you consciously choose your future.
Deny or Delight in your new found freedom and power – the choice is yours for the making.

The wisdom keepers return to close the ceremony.
You have just been on the journey of your life time, a journey for a new Earth.
Time to celebrate the magic, celebrate this moment, and what is to come.
We party.

You leave, blazing a trail of delight making into the world with you.

You will never be the same again.
Start beaming….
We could tell you more, but we wouldn’t want to spoil the suprise.

If you are getting goose bumps, feel the excitement, you have the magic and you feel the call. Set the magic free, be a part of it….