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This is a support page that we have put together to clarify any questions that you may have regarding the Champions of Delight Membership.

In October we plan to have all of the answers delievered in video format as well as written. Simply Click on the question from the list below and it will take you to the answer.




We have included every question that we have been asked so far, and also pre-empted to the best of our ability everything else that we can think of …. However, if a new question arises please send us quick email to [email protected] or contact the perosn who invited you to join, or fill out the form below :-

Champion of Delight Question

If you have a new question about the Champions of Delight Membership please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

We will get you a response as quickly as possible.



What is a Champion of Delight?

You understand that we change our world by grabbing hold of our hearts and minds and making change happen first from within. You know that every time another person on this planet has that understanding we get one step closer to a world full of happy, healthy and empowered souls operating through an understanding of oneness, and raising the vibration of the planet.

You would like to see the wisdoms of the world, ancient and modern, united and accessible for all; and manifested in a useful, practical, make a real difference manner.

The chance to be part of the birthing of an organisation dedicated to delivering inspiring, beautiful, joyful, participatory projects to increase happiness for individuals, communities and nations excites you.

You know that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. You would love to be part of a community and organisation where your voice counts, and you know that you are co-creating with other beautiful souls who want to bring more light into this world.

You want to see humanity put their hearts back in the driving seat of life on this planet. You feel that this is the evolutionary step that is available to us now, and the one most in line with a deep impulse arising in the consciousness of more and more people.

You are happy to invest the price of a cup of coffee a month to be part something amazing and make that possibility a reality?


What is the purpose of Champions of Delight Membership?

To Provide a Place for Awake Individuals to Connect, Collaborate & Manifest Magnificence Together in the Support of an Emerging Consciousness :

Our initial goal is to build an international community of 1,000,000 people who are choosing love and awakening. We wish to raise core funds over 5 years to produce global enlightenment projects to be delivered in a style, and on a scale, never seen before.


Will funds be raised from other sources?

We will also be raising funds through other means such as product sales, philanthropic investment and sponsorship.

Sponsorship funding will be considered for specific projects where there is an ethical and project appropriate match.

Will the foundation invest in for-profit ventures?

As a charity, the foundation may own or be a share holder in for-profit businesses. The foundation would consider investing in a for-profit project or organisation that meets all of the foundation’s values for creating increased happiness, peace and raised consciousness. This would be done on the basis that such an investment would also provide increased revenue to the foundation so that it may create and invest in more projects of enlightenment.


How will the funds be spent?

The charity status has been achieved, website has put in place and an extensive network of high integrity supporters and ambassadors involved in the projects so far. The Delight Makers has to this point been funded privately through the founder, and we are now at the stage where the foundation is ready to begin manifesting the vision for it was created.

Within our membership target the planned figures have a relatively low volume for the first 6 months, and it is only at Stages 6 and 7 that the major revenue starts to be generated.

The foundation’s initial projects have been outlined for production. A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories, Ocean Story & The Beautiful Wave Maker Campaign and News Bleat are already in pilot phase. All of the projects are planned to be in development within 2 years, allowing us by 2015 to start requesting submissions and proposals for new projects from within the membership.

In 2013, we will need your understanding and support as we will in effect be in a steady build up phase, spending funds on basic building blocks of the organisation such as improving the website and continuing the development of existing projects such as A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories.


What is the 2012 – 2014 Proejct Programme?

  • A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories
  • Ocean Story & Beautiful Wave Maker Campaign
  • News Bleat
  • Alchemy Stadium Events : Champions, Women, Men, Teens and Nation Healing
  • Global Forgiveness
  • One World Indigenous Wisdom Symposium
  • Sovereignty
  • Occupy Your Heart
  • Teen Spirit
  • Wiz Kids
  • Seed of Delight Centres
  • We plan to release project outlines to the core projects approxiamately every two months. There will also be many more projects, small surprise iniatives along the way.


    What happens from 2015 Onwards?

    The core projects mentioned above will continue until their natural conclusion. We will then invite project sugggestion submissions from the Champions of Delight Membership. The projects submissions will have to comly with the objectives of the foundation. Each submission will be presented to a Projects Board who will verify that the submissions are in alignment with the values of the foundation and that they are feasible. Those that make it through the Projects Board will then be put forward to be voted on by you, the membership.


    What if I do not like all of the projects that are being created?

    The intention of the foundation is to provide projects of love, joy and enlightenment for many different audiences and touching many different aspects of life. Some projects will be age specific and others based on gender or culture, and so it is likely that some projects will resonate more deeply than others for each person.

    Knowing this we ask that the membership is undertaken on the basis that we are creating projects both for own joy and for the joy of others, and we would ask that even though you may favour some projects over others that you understand the giving is for all.


    What are the personal benefits of being a Champion of Delight?

    • You are the ones that make it happen, the most exciting, beautiful, healing projects ever undertaken.
    • You will be part of an international community dedicated to evolutionary consciousness shared through the highest expression of creativity, inspiration, joy and celebration.
    • You will help to provide these projects, tools and events to those in financially impoverished circumstances, who may not otherwise have these tools and opportunities.
    • You will have the inside track on project development (i.e. see films before they are released).
    • You can, if you wish, be involved in the testing and feedback on new projects as they are developed.
    • You can submit project ideas for pilot development from 2014/15 onwards.
    • You will receive priority placements to events.
    • You can vote on project selection for development.
    • You will receive special offers.
    • You will know that you are part of a collective of individuals who are making a difference through the philosophies that you value and believe in.


    How does the Champion Membership work?

    Each member signs up as a Champion of Delight, committing to :

    • Just £3 per month, for 5 years – that is £180 in total … you can give more if you wish.
    • Building the Champion Membership by inviting 3 more Champions (that is 3 people, or more, who will do the same … commit for 5 years and add 3 people).
    • Checking in on each of your 3 people until they have engaged 3 others … then it’s their turn.
    • Committing that, should you be unable to continue your committment you will give us 2 months notice to find a replacement.
    • Committing that should one of your 3 friends drop out you will endeavour to help us find a new person to take that Champion position.


    How many membership levels are there going to be?

    There are 3 Adult Membership Levels ….. I’m a Delight Maker, Champions of Delight and Guardians of Delight, details of which can be seen on the JOIN page.

    And then ….

    Launching in 2013

    Teen Spirits

    • £1 per month – no duration commitment
    • special offers on products and events
    • newsletters
    • competitions


    Teen Champions

    • £2+ per month – 5 year commitment, introduce 5 members who will do the same
    • significant offers on products and events
    • voting on teen projects
    • teen project feedback
    • teen project proposal
    • newsletters
    • competitions


    Wiz Kids

    • Free Membership
    • Join in FUNd raising events
    • newsletters
    • competitions
    • kids project voting
    • kids project feedback
    • kids project proposals


    …. and finally

    FREE De Light

    General public access (to the website, blogs, interviews, stories) no fee, no commitments or special benefits …. however, we will endeavour to create a sense of being a Delight Maker, or part of the community or movement.


    Is there any status difference depending upon when you join as a Champion?

    No, the first 13 Champion Members have no additional benefits. Each person has come forward from a desire to see an organisation and foundation of this nature come into manifestation, and have volunteered to be the initiators of the membership growth.


    What are my payment options?

    You can pay monthly, yearly or in one payment. The most benefit to the Foundation is fewer payments and there is less money wasted on transaction fees, so if you are in a position to pay in 1 or 5 payments instead of monthly, please do so. In the early days of the Foundation it will also allow us to have a stronger cash flow.

    If you are able to pay the entire 5 year donation of £180 please us the donate option on the JOIN page and, if you are based in the UK and are a tax payer, we will send you a Gift Aid form which will allow the Foundation to claim the tax benefit from the government.

    In the early months we will be able to accept payment via paypal accounts, credit cards through paypal and also by direct debit to our UK bank account. As we get underway we will take direct payments from credit cards without having to go through paypal and we will also set up international bank accounts to accommodate international membership, but we must balance this with cost effectiveness.


    The Champion membership cost is stated as £3+ per month for 5 years, why is there are different monthly payment options on the JOIN page?

    Many people are in the comfortable position of being able to give more than the £3 and have said that they would like to do so. In response we have created the option to set the monthly payment to an amount over the £3 minimum.


    Can I make my payment a Tax Benefit?

    The Delight Makers Foundation is a recognised charity in the UK , so if you are a UK tax payer the answer is YES and we would need to send you a Gift Aid Form.

    We also plan to establish the Delight Makers as a charity outside of the UK as soon as possible and we will notify all members of our progress here as soon as we are able to make this happen


    Can somebody upgrade their membership from Delight Maker to Champion of Delight ?

    Yes they can as long as they are happy to meet all of the terms of the Champion Membership. If we find that somebody has registered as an “A Delight Maker” level of membership and they are paying more than a £3 monthly donation we will write to them and invite them to upgrade as a courtesy to make sure that they are aware of having the option.


    How is the invitation process going to work?

    When you become a member you will have access to a special Champions of Delight Section of the website.

    • You will be asked to confirm the name and email of the Champion that invited you.
    • We would also love it, if you would record a video of yourself, just a moment or two, letting us know why you’ve decided to be part of it all, and what you love most about it! (Not compulsory …. just a nice to have).
    • Temporarily we will also invite you to be part of the Champions of Delight groups membership on facebook ….. We will use this until our community module has been created on the Delight Makers website.
    • You will be asked to fill in a form that lists the names and emails of your selected 5 invitees.
    • The goal we are all working towards is to bring in 5 members within 1 month of joining and we ask that you do all you can to work with membership goals to help manifest the 1 million members magic as quickly as we can. A quick email to the Champion that invited you, to let them know your 5 have joined, would be really helpful.
    • You will also be given a LINK page address that is not published on the public frontend of the website. When you have spoken to an invitee and they seem interested in joining you can send them to the Champion Invitee page where they can watch introductory presentations and find out more, enabling them to decide whether or not they would like to be part of the Champion of Delight community and membership.
    • You will also have access to a growing library of video recorded Q & As, Project Overviews and updates.


    How long do I have to find my 3 people?

    Our goal is to move one step closer to our target of 1,000,000 people each month. So, the aim is to bring the 5 people that you wish to invite/include within that time frame.

    This is said in the understanding that you are hold true to inviting people that really resonate and do not need to push, persuade or hard-sell the vision to.

    This is most important for all concerned as it keeps the energy of the foundation at a high vibration, full of integrity and absolutely trustworthy. It also means that the 3 that do join us through you will feel good and can carry that same intention and feeling through to their stage.

    So, with all of that said, once you joined, please give your full intention and energy to helping us manifest this vision within a month and that will keep the energy focussed, high, exciting and fun.


    What if I cannot find 3 people?

    We would ask that you ask the Champion that invited you into the membership for support, and we will we do all that we can to support you. If this turns out to be an impossible task we would suggest that you become a Champion member by fund raising (see below).


    If you are not a networker by nature and would not find it easy to introduce 3 new members is there a way to still be a Champion member?

    The Guardian of Delight Membership is a Life Time Membership which carries all of the benefits of the Champion Membership and a few more bonus benefits. We created the Guardian of Delight Level of Membership for those who would like to be part of the community, but who are not able to help in growign the membership.


    How will I know what is happening and the progress being made?

    We will be posting regular updates on the website in the Champion area and sending out monthly newsletters with project and progress updates and challenges.

    We also intend, if possible, to set up monthly teleconference calls for everybody to tune into and connect live. If the numbers become too high volume, or the calls are no longer cost effective we will offer the conference call on rotation and publish a recording of the calls on the website for anybody that could not tune in live.


    Do people receive commission for bringing in new members?

    No. This is a Pay-It –Forward membership, no commission is involved.


    Do you gain more benefits from bringing in more members?

    Yes …. the wonderful feeling of having spread more delight ! No, in all seriousness there is no status or material benefit to doing this, just that amazing feel good factor.


    Is there anything else required beyond the £3 per month for five years and bringing in 3 new members?

    We would like for you to call, or send a quick email to, your 3 invited members once a month to check in and see if they are happy, have any questions or suggestions. This means that the person that invited you will be calling you for the same purpose. We ask you to do this as we feel that this is a really personal and friendly way to stay in touch with everybody, and that is also strengthens the sense of community, connection and being involved.


    What if I have more than 3 people?

    You can bring in more than 3, just be aware of how much support time you will have if you go much beyond this …. and just check in to see if the extra people you have would be happy to be in the next group, particularly if they know each other already ….. and remember there is no positioning or status.


    What happens after the 5 years?

    After the fifth year Champion Membership continues at the monthly rate, but requires no further time period commitment. All of your Champion benefits will continue as you are part of the group that made it happen.


    What if I have to leave?

    If you need to leave, for whatever circumstances please, if you can, give us 2 months notice, preferably 3 AND, if you can, please help us to find a replacement to your membership.


    What if 1 of my invited Champions leave?

    To keep the membership growth on track and fund planning on target we would ask you to help us to find a replacement for the person who is leaving.


    Who should I invite to become a Champion Member?

    Please only invite individuals that you know are choosing to be awake and would love to be part of a community that is creative in helping to spread joy, love and freedom. They must be comfortable financially, not struggling and we sincerely ask that you do not : sell, persuade convince or pressurise anybody into joining. Your choice should be instinctive, heartfelt, doubt free, effortless, natural and easy …. tick those boxes and you have the right ones.

    It’s a really good sign if you have goose bumps and even better if they do!


    How will you know if I have 3?

    We will have a database system with this information, but we would hope that you will be aware of this yourself as you will be supporting them until the time that they have brought 3 new members to the group.


    What happens after we reach a million members, does it stop at 10 levels?

    We will allow the membership to keep on growing until it finds its natural cycle or conclusion. All additional members are a wonderful bonus and very welcome as their support will mean that we can move faster and do more in terms of project development and delivery.


    What Special Offers Will I Receive?

    This is not something that will be pre-planned, but instead created around the current projects and activities.


    Do the other levels of membership receive benefits, and if so what are they?

    We aim to provide a means of saying thank you to everybody that supports The Delight Makers Foundation. All benefits, for all membership levels are published on the JOIN page of the website.


    Can I give time, service, goods instead of membership fees and bringing in 3 members?

    This is not the nature of this category of membership as it not aimed at anybody who would struggle with the financial commitment of £3 per month. For individuals looking to support the foundation in this way we will review each situation on a case by case basis.


    What if a member is unhappy?

    Through the monthly phone calls we would hope to pick up on any issues, however, if that system fails and we receive a complaint directly or through another source, we will immediately attend to the issue and do our best to resolve it.


    Can I be more involved now?

    You are welcome to be a volunteer and help us whilst we are getting underway.


    Who will represent the Champion Membership?

    The first Champion Members have volunteered to form a Membership Advisory Council. We have asked them to undertake this role until we reach our goal of 1 million Champion Members at which point there will a review to decide what group or structure would best then serve the community and the foundation.

    If any of them need or wish to leave their role prior to that date then their place will become available to other members.


    Become A Champion of Delight Now