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The aims of ALCHEMY are to…

Deliver the tools for enlightened consciousness and opening of the heart, with the energy of delight making, through participatory entertainment and through an approach of rapport building and inclusivity.

Unite and celebrate the diversity of the Delight Maker in all cultures by bringing together the most ancient protocols of Earth wisdom and magical ceremony with the most innovative and leading edge techniques in awakening consciousness and spirit.

Shift our experience from fear driven self-consciousness to relaxed, confident self-awareness.

Provide the skills to reconnect us with nature, with each other and to our own body wisdom; so that we instinctively make more intelligent decisions from our hearts and from the realisation of our interconnectedness to all things.

Bring through the realisation, by direct experience of the subtle energies within us, that we are all a part of nature, not apart from nature.

Cleanse our collective mind space by healing the wounds and ancestral grief of the past, for which we all carry some history and responsibility; so as to call a halt to the current world madness of non-forgiveness and lay the foundation for a fresh start for ourselves, and our future generations.

Turn the current tide of increasing despair, heaviness and overwhelming problems to one of re-engaged delight and connection with our transformative ability to be source and create a better world.

Break through conditioned poverty consciousness, so as to truly live as the priceless, abundant and generous beings we were born to be.

Deliver an experience so delicious that people will fall deeply in love with themselves and with life, leaving them excited and wanting to discover more.

Inspire everybody to discover and follow the path of their own heart to take them to greater freedom and delight filled living.

The tools within Alchemy are adaptable and ideal to be developed into specialist days, enabling The Delight Makers to deliver targeted days for children, teens, women, men, disaster areas or even war zones.