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What a Delight Maker!  Well, we call her Miss Girl to remind ourselves of the time when she first arrived at the back door, under-weight, purring, so friendly and cute as a button; a cat with a mission to be let in. After a few nights of good food and a warm bed her mask fell off to reveal a Madam.

Yes, we were all duped, she is in fact quite self-satisified, very independent and absolutely uncompromising. We also suspect that she may in fact be a “Six Dinners Syd” who frequents many neighbouring homes for love and goodies. Truth be told, she is simply a free spirit and we aren’t sure how many homes she visits, but she comes to the office every day.

As well as being a con-artist Miss Girl is a stealth Ninja, undetectable under the night sky, a power that she relishes.

She has an unwavering ability to be true to herself, and refuses to do anything to sell out for the  approval of others …. she is most self-loving and enlightened. Her gift to the team is in her role of both teacher and delighter. She mercilessly reflects back our hopeless attmepts to gain her acknowledgement, attention and approval and this causes great amusement to us all.

Miss Girl meditates beautifully, is calm and not a reactive type, she is super-aware …. you might even consider her to have reached the state of a Puddah,  but she hasn’t quite got to the point of admitting the Big Love.