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Hippy, Personal Trainer

Hippy comes to the office every day and keeps us all in line, and as he is a sheep dog, he has the extra responsibility of being body guard to our Good Ewes Team. Hippy ensures that the entire team stays in touch with the simple pleasures of life, and that we stay fit and healthy through a five mile walk each day.

He reminds each of us that we need very little in life to be enthusiastic and delighted: able bodies, an appreciation for nature, a meal or two, some hugs and lots of kind loving words.

You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps. Hippy chases planes and trains, but he runs from hoovers and motor cycle helmets…. As you can tell he still has some work to do on his fears as he clearly has some thoughts that are yet to be questioned … more self inquiry Hippy. He is only four.

We won’t touch on his favourite past time.