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In 1807 Britain passed an “Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade”. In 1833, this progressed to the Abolition of Slavery itself. It was a truly amazing event, and the start of an unprecedented move to take a human rights policy across the world. A movement to end the violation and abuse of man, by man; a movement to shift our hearts.

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Two centuries later and into the next millenium slavery continues at many levels and we are still not living with the free hearts and minds that we are capable of experiencing, and so not affording that to our fellow men. Whether we look inwardly at ourselves at the chains of negative beliefs, conditioning and fear; or whether we look outwards and witness oppression in all of its manifestations : human trafficking, cash crops, sweat shops and financial systems of debt dependency, we cannot deny that we need to go to the next level of freedom for all of humanity, and for a happier and healthier planet.

The systems that run our planet are a reflection of our collective and individual consciousness, a reflection of a collective fear driven consciousness, separation driven consciousness. We have all, at some point, chosen fear over love, and in every instance this has been our mistake, individually and collectively, and now we face the cumulative effect of our choices.

Those same systems are now in a state of collapse, the breaking point has arrived, the darkness of greed and corruption is being exposed across the globe in every aspect of life. It is an indication that our old consciousness is on the point of collapse, and although distressing for many, it is time.  The Light of a new consciousness is breaking through, awakening is happening. It is as though we are only just realising that we have been living in a nightmare of horrendous proportions. As with all nightmares there is a state of panic that arises as we struggle to wake up, a chaos in which we can find no coherence and nothing to cling to as we try to break free of the terrifying grip of our minds.

And then suddenly we are free, free to realise it was our minds that created it and that we have a choice. Would we consciously choose to re-enter the nightmare, or do we choose a better reality? Do we go back to the realm of fear or choose the light of a new Age?

If we want to end slavery, if we want a world of freedom, we must realise that it can only be manifested from within. After all, who is going to give it to us? The key to our freedom is in our posssession, it is within us. It requires one simple choice and that is love over fear, to Occupy Our Hearts. The territory of the heart can be occupied by us alone, it is the highest conciousness available to us. The heart has fear, it knows no separation and so has nobody to enslave, no other to fear or harm.

The Native American wisdoms state that there are only two types of human being and that you can know them by looking into the heart of the person. There is the “confused heart” and the “enchanted heart”, all other distinctions are just window dressing. There is no superiority in one, only a response ability to open the door and welcome all.

In 1807 an amazing intention was set in law. We now have the knowledge, techniques and technology available to help each other make this a global reality, to shift our consciousness and make the changes in a way that no external system can determine for us.

Occupy Your Heart

Choose Love , Choose Freedom, Claim Your Sovereignty.

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