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Peter Owen Jones

What a blessing and honour to have Peter as the first recorded story of the UK. The story is fabulous and we are truly blessed for it to be part of the project. This is Peter’s first children’s story and it is currently with the publishers and to be available later this year, so this is indeed a gift.

Peter began writing the story of Abraxus Hex when he was 33 and he actually finished the final lines of it on the morning that came to film with him.

The story of Abraxus Hex is about 1 hour long and this is the first part ….

Abraxus Hex


A few words from Peter …..

“When I was a boy I lived in another land. In the land where I lived the grown ups where enormous, the trees where higher than they are now and all the fish I ever saw where orange. My favourite things to eat where peanuts, pink candy shrimps and blue ice creams. My favourite place was a small pond full of lilies. My favourite colour was green. The only thing I didn’t like was marmalade.

“I spent most of my time dreaming. If you want to visit fairy land or the castle at the end of the world you have dream your way there. Or if you want to sail in tall ships you have to dream your way on board.”

“I hope you like Abraxus Hex.”

“Lots of love Peter”


We are building a collection of inspirational, delightful and wise stories as a Gift of Love for the World’s Children. The project, when fully developed, will represent all cultures and languages and will be freely available via the internet to all. We also aim to have distribution through orphanages and into impoversihed areas through street cinema and other media.

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