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Kudos and gratitude to Jini Reddy for seeing to it that the following words entered the brains of thousands of people today through the Sunday Times Style Magazine in the UK yesterday !

‘The Genius in YOU’

‘…the journey we can make from the shut-down part of ourselves to the genius part of ourselves.’

‘We’re all mad…Everyone turns up at work having to look cool, groomed, stable. It’s exhausting having to pretend

I’m not mad every day. What we want is to oxygenate that madness.’ 

‘…the energy we squander in denying our neurosis could be transformed into creative and emotional ‘rocket-fuel’.’

‘When we dare to reveal the truth about ourselves, we unwittingly give everyone else permission to do the same, to be present and vulnerable.’

‘Unconsciously we snip ourselves down. What we want is unapologetic bigness. The less hung we are about hiding ourselves, the more we’re likely to make a masterpiece.’

‘Let your passion and your excitement be your compass in all things’

from Jamie Catto

To learn more about Jamie – his workshops, and his madness visit

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