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April 23rd, a little after lunch. 1991. That was the moment Joe Murphy, also known as Joe Peace, decided that he would make something for peace – something connected – like a peace chain. The details weren’t clear to him at the time, but he knew that he would make these things, that he would give them away, and that he would do this for the rest of his life. To date, Joe has made close to 500,000 ceramic pendants with the word “peace” in over 90 languages.

Using art to make the world a better place! A PEACE CHAIN is composed of clay and imagination. It takes form in ceramic pendants with words for PEACE in many languages. Over the past 20 years I’ve handmade and distributed 489,716 pieces. I will make it the rest of my life. How do I know? I’m making it right now! You can get a piece by visiting:

Or make your own PEACE. Every kindness makes it grow. The more you share it the bigger it gets. A PEACE CHAIN for a PEACE CHAIN REACTION!





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