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shared by  Karambu Ringera from International Peace Initiatives

Wonderful news: Beyond Boundaries (BB) is an organization that works around the world doing the Way of Council. BB is in Kenya with International Peace (IPI: to do the Way of Council with KACH kids, IPI staff, youth and other community members. This training will culminate in a Council Hut that we are building as a Peace Hut at the Kithoka Amani Community Children’s Home (KACH). We are building with earthbags and am so excited to bring this new, simple and affordable building technique to our people!! Actually we are reminding people how this used to be done (traditionally we used to live in mud huts, very appropriate for our climate and availability of affordable building materials) and added value to the technique by putting the wet earth in bags (producing a permanent living space) – we will share photos soon!!!

Karambu Ringera

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