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A year and a half ago Sol Rogers, now ninety, was losing his wife of sixty-one years to advanced Alzheimer’s and himself to depression and shakes.
He was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Rita, now eighty-six, could barely move her arms or legs. She couldn’t talk or recognize him and would scream and yell in agitation. Sol says he got an idea and believes the idea came from God: though most nursing homes don’t allow even spouses privacy for fear of exploitation or other prejudices, he asked the staff at Briarwood Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Needham, Massachusetts, to move Rita over to one side so he could get into bed with her and “love her up.”

Sol says he enjoyed it so much he immediately lost his depression and shakes and became a new man. Everyday since he closes the curtain and for two hours he cuddles, kisses, sings, and constantly tells Rita how much he loves her. And Rita, “other than her memory, acts like a normal person.” Both Sol and Rita recovered dramatically, so much so that his doctors and Alzheimer’s Association have called it a miracle. “She began to understand every thing I said,” Sol explains. “I told her jokes and she began laughing. She doesn’t remember anything so I’m able to tell her the same jokes over and over again to get her laughing. My wife is now a happy woman and I’m a happy man.”


Though Sol’s story has made The Boston Globe and CNN, he’s frustrated that he knows of no one following in his footsteps. He yearns to leave the legacy of healing touch, to know that other people have done what he has done. “I just can’t understand when knowing that it does so much good why others don’t want to do it,” he says. “Male or female, it’s something everyone should try.”

This has been known for years. It’s called Karezza!!
The author of The Karezza Method was apparently the same J. William Lloyd who was known as the “drugless physician“.

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