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Global Anonymous Love Letter delivery

Anywhere you are, you can write and spread some love

Watch all the videos to understand this global movement and join 1000s of people doing the same…………..

CALL OUT TO YOU – Lets unite & spread the videos and start writing your letters and sharing your experiences to the world for the whole of 2012 and beyond……..



All you have to do is pay it forward and write an anonymous love letter and drop it wherever you go….

Write on the Anonymous letters — addressed “For You” and signed “I Love You”


Record videos and upload / share them to the world and then send us the videos, and add video responses to the videos on our youtube channel
“Language of love TV”

Upload your pictures (name what country) and stories on the Global love letters facebook page be part of all the great unconditional sharing/giving taking place right now. Its beyond words.

Leave your comments on this website if you have taken part in anyway share your experience on the testimonial page so others feel the resonance of this simple action.

LET’S SPREAD this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE across the globe.

This is an experiential movement, in theory it sounds great, but it requires simple actions to make it happen. Its 2012 and large numbers of people are saying love will unite us and shift our awareness into unity consciousness on this planet………so let’s all come together with a common goal to spread love.

The healing transformational power of love is beyond words. Let’s do this…

Deliver your anonymous love letters on the streets, it really feels good.

Simplicity is divinity
The Love Bugs
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