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Mandakini Dasi

Granny Rapper (Mary Remedios), also known as Mandakini Dasi, currently lives in Australia, orginally from the UK.

She was from a family of 5 children and 2 pets (Rover the dog and Mickey the tortoise). She had 2 younger brothers and 1 older sister and 1 older brother. Born at the start of the second world war she experienced the hardships that many had to endure at that time, living on the bare essentials which included food rations. Life was tough and at the age of 16 her mother died of cancer.
She witnessed life without love and the paths that unfold in the absence of real care.

“I always felt that I had an important role to play out in society. I wanted to be a nun and an entertainer from a very young age!” Doing ballet, tap-dancing and piano as a young girl set her on a path that would eventually lead to her current roles as both actress, singer and rapping granny.

Her favourite quotation is “Just try to be a kind friend to all living entities”. She shares her message through unconventional entertainment and knows that although the fashions may have changed, the underlying needs of young people and any society remain the same. She has experienced that pain, has “also been there” as one of her songs tells us and so wishes to share the insights of her life with those who willing to listen; she hopes that this may save them having to go through the same experiences that she went through.

She has appeared on television, radio and theatre as an actress and singer. With her son she created an EP “Let The Granny Rap” featuring The Prodigal Son and she is currently in process of recording a new album.

Mandakini shares two Raps with us and also an insight into her personal journey of transformation from lost and abandoned kid on the street to a woman growing more youthful, playful and light hearted by the day.

“I enjoy stories that relate how hardships have resulted in success and also love classic Indian (Vedic) tales. My favourite story is the Mahabharata.”

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