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Kevin Billett

Kevin is the CEO of Conscious Company, a sustainable and world-class international company, Conscious Company uses cutting- edge technologies to transform organizational and corporate environments – with lasting results.

Kevin leads consciousness-based workshops that allow people to strip away their limiting and painful conditioned responses to life, enabling them to discover the authentic greatness, genius and fulfilment that is naturally within. Kevin’s main focus is on bringing this powerful awakening and transformation to conscious organisations and companies of all sizes, by developing and fostering a new paradigm of Visionary Leadership.

Kevin Billett is also the CEO of The Journey® Seminars International, an organisation which he founded with his wife and life partner The Journey pioneer Brandon Bays. Kevin co-presents The Journey’s most powerful programme, the No Ego retreat with Brandon, he also presents a number of dynamic workshops and seminars including Authentic Greatness and Visionary Leadership.

The Journey brings cutting-edge mind-body healing and personal growth techniques to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. With offices in the USA, Europe and South Africa, The Journey offers seminars and retreats in over 37 countries worldwide.

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