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Jez Hughes

Jez has studied intensively the ancient art of Shamanism for over a decade, yet his healing journey began nearly twenty five years ago when, as a teenager through illness, he found myself in an altered state of consciousness that knocked him into a reality far more powerful, yet intrinsically linked to the one that surrounded him.

It took a long time to integrate that experience and find healing for the physical and mental disturbances it initated into him.

“This journey, I now understand as a ‘Shamanic Illness’, took me through various healing and spiritual traditions and all across the earth, until I first I discovered astrology as a map, then finally came home to shamanism and found practical methods to cure myself.”

Jez has studied in Britain with the Sacred Trust, in Mexico with The Shamanic School of Dreaming and the plant teachers of the desert. He has also undertaken many ceremonies with indigenous elders.

In Astrology he has taken a course with the Faculty of Astological Studies and attended many seminars at the Centre for Psychological Astrology

Jez has worked full time as a Shamanic practitioner and Workshop Leader for the past six years and am member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

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