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Ben has been a freelance professional cinematographer for over 20 years, working on feature films, documentaries, short dramas, commercials and corporate video.

His work has taken him many times around the globe. In a rain forest or city he is am at home in any culture from Namibian Tribesmen to Buddhist monks in China.

He has DoP’d on feature films working large set-ups on 35mm film, HD and the Epic RED Camera which he owns. He has set up SFX shoots in studios, Stunts in forests and shot invisibly on locations all over the world.

Ben is also experienced in traveling to obscure locations, directing, capturing sound and interviewing, when the situation is appropriate for a one man crew. He is very at home working ‘gorilla style’ with hand-held DSLR cameras on any location or in any culture.

Ben’s mission is to achieve High Production Values with top of the range or low cost equipment, but always up to date with new innovations, which is now essential in this high quality/low budget film industry.

Over 20 years experience of making films, from acting in the 70′s & 80′s to ‘on line’ editing, has provided him with a broad knowledge of vision, performance and production, that Ben believes can be extremely beneficial on any film project.
 He has ‘old school’ values with modern day skills.

Words from Ben….
“I serve the resulting film, not my own importance and have many examples of problem solving tools which can help in stressful situations. I carry, one of my best tools, a sense of humour, at all times.”

Oh and if your wondering why the use of the word cinematography…20 years ago I worked with Vittorio Storaro, one evening he shared why he thought we should call ourselves Cinematographers rather than Directors of Photography. “We craft cinematic images by sculpting light we should leave the directing to our directors.”

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