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There could be cause for genuine excitement if there is indeed a sincere call for a Big Society and not just a request for people to go through hardship whilst those holding the reins of power continue unchanged. Excitement about what? Well at this risk of sounding overly optimistic …. about the opportunity for the awakening collective consciousness of Great Britain.  How else will the country transform the current societal situation?

Extreme times call for extreme measures and this opens the door for inspiration. In any case if we do not change our consciousness then the best that we can hope for is another cycle of the same old patterns that we have had for most of our recorded history. The old wisdom says, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always had”, pointing out that if we want things to be different we have to break old patterns.

Our pattern of thinking, for thousands of years, has been to operate on the basis that our happiness and success is dependent upon forces outside of us, and it has been utterly disempowering. It is only when we wake up to the realisation that we are the source and the creative force of our world that we can break the cycle. If, on the other hand, we continue unchanged we will just keep on with the illusion of being impotent people at the mercy of outside forces, cycling round and round between hope and despair, on and on, throughout the generations to come.

The truth is that we are a Big Society. We just happen to be one that has been living under the mass hypnosis and illusion of separation for millenia, along with an accompanying sense of powerless and smallness. An end could most certainly be brought to poverty, not just in Britain, but throughout the world if people were given the tools for consciousness transformation. After all, how can an awakened human being who realises their creative power and limitless abundance stay stuck in poverty?

Exciting times for those who do not fear enlightenment and the freedom that would come with it. The Big Question is, are the existing powerbrokers brave enough, magnanimous enough or desperate enough, to open the doorway to change and truly support such an awakening? 

It could not only end recession and poverty but it could also end any remaining traces of slave mentality and the embedded belief that creates the need to look to a “superior” to be told how to live. This is exciting for a nation increasingly being dumbed-down and run as a “nanny state”, but those who believe they are benefiting from the current state of play may find the prospect terrifying.

Poverty is the bi-product of living in the illusion of separation, a symptom of failing to feel our own source. In our society there are those who are well fed on the masses staying in that poverty consciousness; well fed in material terms and also in the sense of the “small-self” power achieved through control and domination over others.

A human being that feels their connection to the whole and to others is far less likely to abuse in aspect of life. Honour, love and inspiration are the bi-products of awakened consciousness, so the benefits of this type of transformation for us, our nation and our planet are immeasurable.

Beyond our current economic crisis there a whole host of other reasons to educate and create a shift. As we are facing crisis at so many levels, from personal health, relationships, poverty, nature and world peace, perhaps the governments of the world, including the UK, should consider that educating our people in the truth of their own magnificence may be the key to our evolution and survival.

Whether or not it is being encouraged or supported change is occurring. There is a growing awakening amongst people; we sense the need for it and we are seeking answers for ourselves. So change is set to come either by force of crisis or conscious creative action, and that is our choice.  As an teacher used to say to me ”Ding Ding … time to get on the bus” or stay small in resistance and denial.

Either way we must maintain some compassion for the truly lost and confused hearts that have never understood or felt the authentic power of a free heart; a heart that never needs to seek power over another, and has no comprehension of anything other than a Big Society.

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