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Frequently Asked Questions


This is a support page that we have put together to clarify any questions that you may have regarding your Club 200 Membership.

Simply click on the question that you wish to ask and the page will scroll down to the answer. A form has been provided below should you have any unanswered questions you wish to ask us.


  • Is Club 200 only for businesses?
  • When does Club 200 begin?
  • When will the draws be held?
  • How will I know if I have won?
  • Are the cars ready to drive?
  • What if I live overseas?
  • What if I do not want to keep the car?
  • How does my business advertising/sponsorship work?
  • Can I make my donation anonymously?
  • How do I get on the waiting list to join the next avaibable place?
  • Can I Gift Aid my donation?
  • Is my sponsorship/advertising fee a business expense?
  • Do you pay commission for ticket sales?
  • What is the money raised being used for?
  • Can I pay monthly?
  • How will I be invoiced?

    We have included every question that we have been asked so far, and also pre-empted, to the best of our ability, everything else that we can think of …. However, if a new question arises please send us quick email to [email protected] or or fill out the form below :-


    Please write your lottery question in the space below and we will get back to you shortly.

    Is Club 200 only for businesses?

    No. If you are a business you gain the added advantage of having your business advertised as part of your Club 200 Membership package.

    Private individuals taking part in Club 200 may, if you choose, be listed as a sponsor/supporter, or remain anonymous.


    When does Club 200 begin?

    As soon as the first 200 sponsors/members are registered we will send you a notification of the start date. Your annual memberhsip begins from the date of the first Prize Draw and lasts for one year (12 Draws).


    When will the draws be held?

    Draws will then be held monthly on the third Friday of the month.


    How will I know if I have won?

    You can watch the Live Stream Draw on the website. If you are not be able to tune in live for the Draw broadcast do not worry as we will email you and telephone you to notify you that you have won. We will also post the winning ticket number on the website so that you can check in at any time.


    Are the holidays available immediately?

    The holidays will be available within the first year of the campaign voyage. Winners will need to be fit and healthy and insurance will be the winner’s responsibility.


    What happens if I live overseas?

    You can be a member of Club 200 from any nation.


    What if I do not want to take the holiday?

    If you decided that the holiday you win is not for you then there are several options for you to take.

    You can take the holiday and transfer the ownership to somebody else as a gift, or your are free to sell it as you wish.

    If you do decided that you wish to sell your prize we are happy to offer support. We can arrange for the holiday to be sold privately or by public auction. If you choose to have us sell or auction the holiday for you we will provide you with the full cash value, less any sales costs from the auction house or advertising.


    How does my business advertising / sponsorship work?

    Your business we will be advertised in the Ocean Story website.  You will also be listed as a sponsor on our Sponsors of Ocean Story Page. We will provide links to your business website from these display pages.

    Can I make my donation anonymously?

    Yes. If you wish to take part simply for fun, and as an anonymous sponsor or donator, you are more than welcome to do so.


    How do I get on the waiting list for the next available place to join Club 200?

    Simply fill in the registration form and we will notify you when the next place becomes available :

    Lot 200 Registration

    To register your interest and secure your place in the waiting list please enter your details below.


    Can I Gift Aid my donation?

    If you are a UK Tax Payer you may be able to Gift Aid your donation. We will send you a form with the relevant information and option to do so.


    Is my advertising / sponsorship fee a business expense?

    As an advertiser you may be eligble to declare the cost of your advertising as a business expenditure, or charitable donation.


    Do you pay commission for ticket sales / joining fees?

    We welcome all support in helping us to raise funds for our projects. Obviously our aim is direct as much of the fundraising to the projects. We do from time to run incentives to help with tickets sales. Whenever we do run incentives and reward iniatives for sponsorship and fundraising we write to all of our members and invite them to be part of it.


    What is the money raised being used for?

    The foundation invests in a wide range of projects and the seeding of new initatives that meet the foundation’s goals for ocean conservation awareness. Our primary project for this fund raising initiative is the Beautiful Wave Maker camapign Voyage .

    Can I pay monthly?

    Currently we are only inviting membership from committed supporters. We will review this situation and may offer monthly payment options and participation at a later point.


How will I be invoiced?

Depending on whether you are joining as a sponsor or members and as many of you come from different nations you have different invoicing requirements.We will     write to you when you purchase your sponsorship/membership to find out your specific requirements and then create an invoice for you.