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Beautiful Wave Makers – Ocean Story

The Beautiful Wave Maker Campaign

“Mother Nature is changing her dress. Are we, humans, going to be part of her new outfit?” Chief Sonne Reyna, Yaqui Indian Sundance Chief.

If we continue to act as though we are separate from nature how will we ever feel the aliveness of the Earth, its vibrations, speaking to us? Everything, every emotion and every thought has a vibrational frequency. Like a droplet of water falling into a pool, each one us contributes our vibrations into the universe. What kind of waves are we creating? What kind of universe are we creating, and what effects will come as a result?

Enormous amounts of energy and money are being invested in establishing and pointing to a cause for the current Earth changes. Regardless of the outcome two facts remain; the Earth is polluted and the climate is changing.

We can be positive about both situations now. We can stop polluting, and we can start planning for the care and survival of all within the New Earth environment.

This project will run online, through schools and of course for absolute authenticity by sea.

The objective of the project is to build awareness around ocean conservation with a deep underlying understanding of our direct connection to nature and the atmosphere that we are creating at all levels, from the spiritual to the physical.

There are many phases to the project so to keep things brief we have outlined the first journey and the destination of creating a Race for the Oceans.

The Ocean Story Boat is an 80 ft sailing vessel, which we will be turn into an Emissary of Peace, Unity and Ocean Conservation.

The boat will become a sea-going work of art with her hull and sails to be turned into a mosaic of people’s art, songs, poems etc. She will be carrying a crew of creative storytellers, musicians and conservationists ….on a campaign voyage with a mission to inspire and educate for a world choosing Beautiful Wave Making.

The journey will be filmed throughout as a documentary, with local stories being collected along the way to share with the world. We will be collecting the mythical, the magical, the natural wisdoms and the current situations of local people, with Call-To-Action Campaigns ignited along the way.


The purpose is to bring awareness to as many people as possible of the understanding, the question and the choice  ….

“You are a Wave Maker.

What Kind of Waves Are You Making?

Choose to be a Beautiful Wave Maker.”

…. and showing that the oceans unite, not divide, us.

A Race for the Oceans

The Ocean Story Race for the Oceans will held for beings under threat from Earth and Sea changes, ultimately all of us. It will be a platform for the voices of the world’s oceans to be heard.

A Vision of Ocean Unity and Transformation

Instead of mankind pitting itself against the seas, mankind will be asked to pit itself in a challenge for the seas, through a Regatta of Beauty, Awareness, Inspiration and Celebration.

Ocean advocates and environmentalists hand in hand together with indigenous, island nation and national cultures brought to the doorsteps of the world, by sea, to share natural wisdom, ancient culture, art and possibilities for living in harmony with the oceans. The most ancient wisdoms united with most recent discoveries. Art united with science. People united with nature.


A fleet of striking sailing vessels ready to depart for an around-the-world adventure, such as has never been seen before. Yachts representing nations of incredible culture, legend, art and sea-faring tradition, crewed by storytellers, natural wisdom keepers, whale dreamers and great mariners. A regatta of dazzling beauty designed to take the world on adventure that most could never dream of sharing. Each yacht painted in the amazing traditional arts and sails of great tribal nations and history, the roots of all people of the world coming together; diversity in unity, to speak, sing and share the magic of the ocean, natural wisdoms and the realisation that all of mankind is indigenous and all need to be aware of how our great oceans cry out for our love and care.

As each destination is reached the cultural richness of this spiritual journey will arrive bringing a treasure of ocean stories and amazing people that will regale even the most disenchanted members of mankind. A call to awaken and celebrate the wealth of natural knowledge available for us to share should we choose to unite. Our opportunity to honour and action our collected wisdoms in the care of our natural world and ultimately the care of us all.

This is a regatta of beauty and spirit; although it will highlight the plight of our oceans and those that depend up on them its aim is to provide a platform for the voices less often heard, but of critical value to our understanding of living in natural harmony. There is no part of our Earth that will not face the consequence of our oceans in crisis, it is only a matter of time, therefore, for all of us it is time to understand how we can make the right difference.