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Good News Bleat

News Bleat

Ewe Know Ewe Can’t Wait To Hear It

It’s time for more Delightful News and positive stories to lift our spirits and make us smile.

The best way to make sure the world is hearing about the great things that are happening is to tell them.

That’s where you come in …

News Bleat is coming to bring good news from the people to the people.




What we focus on grows!

We want to hear your good news stories, and we may send along Ram the Reporter for an interview to hear from you directly.

All you need to do is to fill out the form below and we’ll start spreading your Good News !

News Bleat Report

We would love to hear you good news, stories of kindness, heart warming, uplifitng and funny stories! Please fill out this form with your news and it will appear on the on the website shortly.
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  • Please spell check before submitting your story, or write it in a Word Document first and then cut & paste it in after spell checking.
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