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Bed Time Stories

How wonderful to be able to access a world of ancient wisdoms and amazing tales of wonder?

These stories will be told from ancient wisdom keepers and people of magic from all around the world. Others will be told by the most modern of thinkers and explorers. Sometimes the stories will be from people you recognise, and some will be new faces.


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You may be able to sit by the fire with an Eskimo and hear stories of the far north, or it may be from the Aboriginal Dreamtime, or perhaps a Native American Indian Chief. Others storytellers may come from places more familiar and close to home, but whether from the far north, east, south or the west, the stories will be stories of real wonder and mystery.

Imagine having a family with hundreds of storytellers, wonderful parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles from all around the world, available to tell you a story whenever you feel the longing …..pretty cool eh?

Over the next few years the Delight Makers team will be gathering from around the globe more Bed Time Stories to enable you to meet more beautiful grandparents, elders and wisdom keepers of all ages.