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It’s time for humanity to reclaim our magic, the power of love and our oneness with the natural world. Time to set the Big LOVE free so that we can evolve!

Alchemy Events are an opening to the real magic of the universe. This is beyond entertainment, and You, the audience, are the magical event. Alchemy is your chance to unravel the mysteries and discover the treasure that is hidden inside of you….

These events will be days of empowerment, liberation and exploration of the amazing possibilities inside every one of us.

The Alchemy experience will take you through a ceremony of ancient wisdoms, story-telling, comedy and music, whilst sharing with you the tools to transform your perceptions and set your spirit free.

These days may best be described as awakening journeys into the Delight Maker within and the discovery of the light behind the mask.

Come and participate in these exciting, ground breaking entertainment events that are guided journeys into the incredible you.


Imagine a stadium filled with people participating in a collective journey into awakened joyful consciousness and healing. A day destined for laughter, amazement and celebration.


A sacred and magical space will be created. You will be guided on these journeys to move through the illusion of separation and back to the experience and source of your own being.

Expertly crafted events facilitated by the world’s most pioneering leaders in consciousness expanding techniques. And all of this being interwoven with music, comedy, art, dance and story-telling integrated with ancient wisdoms from around the world.

These days are designed to provide an opening into a healing process of discovery for each individual, allowing you to uncover and leave behind limiting beliefs and fears, and to open the door to a path of freedom and empowerment.

The events will be filled with moments of revelation, tears, laughter, forgiveness, surprise and delight.

Imagine this happening over and over again in every nation and then reaching out to touch more and more people, creating a wave of transformation. THIS IS ALCHEMY!

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