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Fortunately Popeye was traded in for a more exciting role model when she decided that perhaps Batman had a more attractive and promising future. He seemed to have a better story …. he had excellent toys, very funny friends and absurd enemies. Finally after about 30 years she considered that it might be safe to be female again and so slowly let her guard down and actually wore skirts for a while, and still does on occasison.

She is still a spinach eater, her friends are as bizarre and her enemies are mere fantasy figures….. so the Batman thing hasn’t completely vanished.

She has a closet hat fetish, but finds that her closet is often raided by her bizarre team mates who also love to indulge themselves in her closet as much as she does.

Oh, and she loves a stray cat or two!

Here is Sam giving us an introduction to The Delight Makers