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Michelle is a Professional Free Spirit, she brings spontaneity and a determination to find the positive in each day.

She is a natural healer with a gift for creating a magical space through her honouring of the sacredness in all beings. Her open warmth and kindness provides the safety for trust to occur, which in turn provides a vessel for the forces of truth and the presence of grace to do their alchemical magic.

She also works as a Birthworker (her thing is empowering women before, during and after child birth) she is also a talented artist and has the ability to make the most ordinary of places feel special. Testimony to her generous, loving nature are the people around her who shine from the care and protection that she gives, especially her son Jordan and lovely boy Hippy. Strangers are always offered soup, which she loves to cook and cooks with love.

We know that she must be gifted in being present as indicated by her unusual use of language, which clearly demonstrates no distinction between past or future as she freely mixes her tenses together with gems such as “Hippy needs fed”.

When she was younger (a few years ago) she used to be a stroppy princess, but now she is a proud Celtic Warrior filled with a fiery passion and quest to savour life’s abundance, like a bee visiting all of flowers in the garden, all delights are there to be sampled and none missed.

Some see her as a mad Scottie bird from Good Crieff, who dances in the woods with a pretend flute and imaginary faery friends, but that is just the people who really know her.

She is also proudly a Leo, but gives less mention to her being born in the year of the Pig.

Her contribution to the launch of the Delight Makers is immeasurable, having worked endless hours, without personal reward and instead purely on faith and with complete heart, for the past years. Conclusive proof that she indeed is not just a mad Scottie Bird, but in fact, as she declares, “the maddest”. We would not have made it here without her.