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Davee, Researcher & Fundraiser

He’s travelled the world and the seven seas and seen that everybody is looking for something ….. well almost. At the senior age of 25 David has travelled a fair few seas, having crewed a Whitbread Racing Yacht through the Caribbean and across the Pacific, he then went on to do his Atlantic crossing and then some time in the Mediterrenean …. so he still has a couple of oceans to go. And he turn pirate or find treasure? You’ll have to wait to the end to see…….

Kindness is the essential quality of this charming young man and all round winner with kids. In his travels he has witnessed extreme poverty and extreme wealth, and has seen the success of cultures that measure their wealth beyond that of material accumulation, but instead in community, joy and loving care.

He has a naturally protective nature and a deep love of over-the-top comedy ….. however he was deeply traumatised at an early age when the two desires clashed.  After being exposed to Beadles About on television he became most concerned that he should protect his mother from the threat of such terrible humour, and although only four years of age he saw it as his duty to defend the house from any potential Beadle attacks. Thankfully he is much more relaxed now.

Davee is a Champion of Delight. He keeps his finger on the pulse of currents trends and the views, feelings and voices of the younger generations, so that as he so joyfully points out … we older members of the team stay in touch …..

And back to the Treasure…..

David says…..

“The happiest people I have ever met were the Kuna Indians. They were amazing people who measure their wealth in the level of their children’s laughter and community happiness. Although their culture is ancient, their way is definitely the way of the future, that is if we want a happy world. So let’s take a leaf out of their book and get this party started by spending more time making delight the order of the day.”

…. as for the other kind of treasure …. he used to bury coins even before he could walk …. by sitting on them…. just have to dig up some old nappies Davee !