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By Soma Online Described below are the core precepts, or understandings, that are the basis of the Delight Maker organisation. They are a reflection of one point – that we, as humanity, are a part of the universe, the magic, nature and not apart from it:-

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  • The universe is an awesome, magical, mystery of Delight Making of which all beings are participants.  We are here to dance in a matter, experience the physical, to learn, to perceive, to create, to play and to become lighter.
  • What we perceive to be the outside world is a reflection of our inner reality. To manifest a world of delight filled living; therefore, we must change our consciousness, our inner world.
  • Essentially there are only two states of being human. There is the Awakened Enchanted Heart, or the Confused Heart; all other descriptions are window dressing. Labels such as race, gender, nationality, age etc only serve the illusion of separation and difference that reinforce the sense of a small self and the fears that come with that perception.
  • Our real wealth can best be measured and realised by gauging the level of laughter in the world’s children; by seeing them run carefree, joyful, awe filled and at peace with the world.
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