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Brandon, Gaby & Kevin

We wish to say a Very Big Thank You to Brandon Bays, Kevin Billett, Gaby Burt and The Journey Team for their incredible generousity of spirit and open hearted support for the launch of The Delight Makers and our first project, A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories.

The Journey, Brandon and Kevin have all been instrumental to our arrival at this point, and without their amazing work this vision is not likely to have ever have been born.

The purity of The Journey, the fire of truth and love manifested through it, burned away all of the unnecessary clutter to reveal one desire : To set The Big Love Free for all of humanity and the planet.

The Delight Makers have chosen projects of  joy, celebration, beauty and unity to light a path to freedom and help each one of us to reconnect with The Delight Maker inside.

As befiitting to the importance that the Journey has played in the creation of this dream, the very first stories recorded were with Brandon and Kevin, and we cannot thank them enough.

Brandon blessed the project at it’s initiation with a beautiful prayer. Our prayer is that their stories will be able to reach out, inspire and touch the hearts of millions of children throughout the world, and that many more beautiful spirits will be inspired to come forward, share the treasure of their lives and experiences. That we all come to Occupy Our Hearts so that our children feel safe and loved, and that one day we will measure our wealth by the level of their laughter and consider ourselves truly wealthy and abundant.

So today, in this new chapter in creating a Gift of Love for the World’s Children, we extend a Special Welcome to The Journey Community and members of our spiritual home. We hope that they can all be part of this dream.

God Bless &  Big Love