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It is with great sadness and heartbreak that I heard of the passing of one of my life’s Angels, Stuart Wilde, Wizard Extraodinaire.

Stui was the first person that I met of incredible realised beauty. His was a beauty that came from being unconditionally, his authentic self, no edits and adulterations, no apologies nor adjustments made to gain approval. That courage to live without a mask, no matter what the consequences, created a radiant, precious and rare light.

He was a mystic with incredible gifts, the Merlin of his age whose ability to travel interdimensionally throughout the realms of this world were exceptional. A sage and teacher to many; he said what most would not have dared to say and foretold much of what is now happening in the world today as a result of darkness, greed and fear running the planet.

He was deeply irreverent in the best of ways, standing up to confront pretender powers, false authority figures and abusers. A champion of courage, truth, tenderness and beauty; he was undoubtedly an empowerer of humanity and dedicated servant of the divine feminine and Big Universal LOVE.

Such wonderful mischief; he was the funniest man I have ever met … playful , cheeky, witty, a sacred clown and self described “merry scamp”  full of glee who would have most of us rolling in the aisles, tickled to the core by his perception of  the robotic consciousness in the mainstream world he called Tic Toc.



If you have not read a Stuart Wilde book you might want to consider giving yourself that gift.

It is said that people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. His passing has made me realise that one category has been left out;

Many Reasons, Many Seasons and Many Lifetimes.

Beautiful Stui,

Too many words are needed and there will never be enough to capture your spirit and my love for you.

I am grateful for the precious memories and amazing connection with you beyond worlds.

May I live up to the path that you helped me discover.

My Eternal Love for My Eternal Friend,

See You Down the Rabbit Hole,  Amongst the Stars in the Fiery Field of Unconditional Love xxx

For you Stui“Somebody loves you more than you know …”


Stuart Wilde : September 24, 1946 – May 1, 2013

Stuart passed away from a heart attack after his final meditation on a mountain top in Ireland.






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