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Chuc Mung Nam Moi

Chuc mung nam moi 豬新年快樂 Happy New Year of the Pig ! Big Love xxx

90 Year Old Wise Spring Chicken

  “To look good and feel good is work. To look great and feel great is a full-time job. There is no cheating! It’s daily! Minute-by-minute, second-by-second. This is the process I love and love to work at. The reward is liking myself and living a creative life. I will turn 90 on April 4 and hope I can still create this in 10 years time. Life in itself is a challenge and you can either, accept it and take action, or you can sit and do nothing. My advice is there is only one winner: accept the challenge, take …Continue reading »

Please Help Find Dearest Nonny !!!!

Please help! The Delight Makering Star storytelling assistant, Nonny, got lost in London on Thurs 22 May. Because you just never know who might see this and because sometimes miracles do happen, PLEASE SHARE! Contact [email protected] if you have any information. Thanks for your help. To understand just one tiny part of why Nonny is so very special and dear see below …. Nonny & Kath Burlinson – Introducing The Magic Faraway Tree Join Nonny and Kath for a suspense filled introduction to her favourite book from her own childhood, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Enchanted Wood. Kath and …Continue reading »

World Peace Day

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”, Mahatma Gandhi Do you really want World Peace? A thought ….. If there is anybody, even just one person, that you are refusing to love at this time, how can we have world peace? Try this exercise: Allow yourself be filled with thoughts of beauty,  feelings of joy and laughter, and the love that you feel for you nearest and dearest. Now welcome in your enemies, the people who you feel have hurt you. Notice what happens. You may want to repeat the process with your eyes closed. Did you mange to …Continue reading »

Record Breaking Delight Makers Jaguar MK2 with Bonhams

WE MADE A WORLD RECORD SALE ! Goodwood Revival Festival was the setting for our first major fund raising endeavour, with Bonhams, where The Delight Makers Jaguar MK 2  Broke the World Record! One year of dedicated and painstaking attention to detail, care and passion have been poured into the restoration of this Beautiful Jaguar MK2, 3.8 Manual OverDrive, in aid of The Delight Makers Foundation confimred what we suspected … that it is the Best Jaguar MK2 in the World. This car has been restored as so perfectly that you could believe that it had just left the Jaguar …Continue reading »