Customise your background » valium 10mg day The Delight Makers Foundation are launching their Champions of Delight Membership, an invitation to be a member of a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to creating real change for people and for our planet. For the first time ever, a charity has been formed to unite the world by way of wisdom sharing and raising consciousness through innovative projects delivered in a style, and on a scale, never seen before. buy xanax medication online

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buy phentermine stores prescription strength phentermine online buy valiums no prescription soma drug online clonazepam online order lorazepam saturday delivery The generic valium 2mg Delight Makers Foundation is a registered charity, based in the UK, with an intention to register in multiple nations as soon as possible.

valium 10mg to buy Through groundbreaking global projects designed to facilitate the awareness necessary for world peace and increased happiness, the buy adipex in the uk Delight Makers will help people from all walks of life to raise the consciousness of our planet in an inspiring, joyful and empowering way;  delivered in a style, and on a scale, never seen before.

valium 10mg diazepam This is the first time a charity has been created to unite all of the world’s wisdoms … ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific … and share them through joy, art, beauty, love and celebration.

clonazepam purchase online You can read about a selection of our current and planned projects by clicking on the Projects Button below. soma 350 mg price Delight Maker Project Overviews

Champion of Delight

ativan without presciption next day delivery The ativan overnight cod Champion of Delight is a level of membership to the Delight Makers Foundation. Being a buy phentermine 37.5 mg tablets Champion of Delight is an opportunity to be part of something extraordinary, groundbreaking and beautiful.

buy phentermine tablets 37.5 Wake up each day knowing that you are part of a community dedicated to, and taking direct action towards, bringing global healing and uplifting the spirit of humanity. You can make a difference.

carisoprodol 350 mg looks like As a order xanax online review Champion of Delight, you will help to build an international community that supports and holds the energy and intention for the beautiful and critical vision of The Delight Makers to come into being. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to fully manifest our vision by 2017 and unite a global community of 1 million plus people who are choosing love, joy, freedom, peace and awakening as their life path … of which you would be one. purchase phentermine 37.5 mg online As a phentermine generic buy Champion of Delight you will be involved in an innovative and revolutionary fundraising initiative we call Multi-Level Giving, both donating and inviting just a few others to do the same (always with our support and help).  This means that together, for just a few dollars / pounds a month, we can create some world changing, mind blowing, heart opening events and initiatives that will put the heart back in the driving seat of humanity.

Champions of Delight Membership

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Why Become a Champion of Delight ?
  • You are the ones that will make it happen, the most exciting, beautiful, healing projects ever undertaken.
  • You will be part of an international community dedicated to evolutionary consciousness shared through the highest expression of creativity, inspiration, joy and celebration.
  • You will help to provide these projects, tools and events to those in financially impoverished circumstances, who may not otherwise have these tools and opportunities.
  • You will have the inside track on project development (i.e. see films before they are released).
  • You can submit project ideas for pilot development from 2015 onwards.
  • You can vote on project selection for development.
  • You can, if you wish, be involved in the testing and feedback on new projects as they are developed.
  • You will receive priority placements to events.
  • You will receive special offers.
  • You will know that you are part of a collective of individuals who are making a difference through the philosophies that you value and believe in.
How Does It Work? buy phentermine imprint e5000 Each member signs up as a buy phentermine 37.5 mg from canada Champion of Delight, with an intention to contribute:

  • Just £3 per month, for a target of 5 years – that is £180 in total … and yes you are welcome to give more if you wish.
  • Building the membership by inviting 5 or more Champions (that is 5 people who will do the same …  add 5 beautiful souls to our community). buy xanax 2mg To clarify : Given the current global financial situation we are not asking for any contractual commitment to support the foundation for a set time period. We have presented a target intention for 5 years as this will enable the foundation to become strongly established and to manifest  many powerful and amazing projects for our planet quickly. Therefore … we are requesting that …

  • Committing that, should you, change your mind you will give 2 months notice.
  • Committing that, should one of your friends drop out, you will endeavour to find a new person to replace them.

THAT’s IT !!

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find hwere to buy soma online in the usa The link below will take you through to the Join Page. Once on the Join Page please  scroll down and select the how to buy valium Champions of Delight tab from the three membership options.

valium pharmacy online Become A Champion of Delight Now

The Plan

can you really buy valium online In the first 3 years the money will be committed to the core projects after which time we will reach out to you, the Champion Community, for new inspiring and creative project ideas and proposals. We will then be inviting the community to vote on which projects move forward into development. buy adipex online usa In the first 3 years 100% of membership fees will go to core projects already outlined for development, after which it is our plan is to move toward 50% of the revenue continuing to be directed towards core projects leaving 50%  for seed projects, voted for, by you.

indian valium online We expect that this percentage will begin at around 65/35 with a target to get to 50/50 by 2017. This will need to be reviewed in 2016 to see the optimum ratio between core and seed projects, based upon the understanding that some of the seed projects may become new core projects.

cheapest klonopin online Projects submissions will be requested from Champion members from 2015 onwards. Submissions will have to embody and promote the following values : klonopin next day no prescription Some of the projects and project details will be revealed in the coming months once the outlines are finalised, we expect to cover one new project every 2 months …. we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise of all that is to come.  There will also be surprise mini-projects along the way. mail order klonopin valium long does 10mg last can you buy clonazepam online buy cheap clonazepam online buy ativan usa pharmacy Become A Champion of Delight Now

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diazepam online to buy valium online legal For information on payment options and become a ordering phentermine 37.5 online Champion of Delight best site to buy phentermine online Your payment options are :  One-Off £180,    Yearly £36    &   Monthly £3. valium buys Please be aware that each transaction incurs a cost throught the various payment processing facilities, meaning that More of Your Money will go to the Delight Makers and less to Transaction Processors if you can choose the One-Off or Yearly options.

phentermine canada buy For those who wish to give more there is an option for you to increase your payment.

buy ativan canada online To check your Currency Conversion CLICK HERE.

order soma online reddit The Delight Makers is a social enterprise and Recognised Charity in the UK with plans to register as a charity in other nations as soon as possible. If you are a UK  tax payer you may make your payment a Gift Aid payment. Once you have joined we will send you an email offering you the option to do this.

order diazepam online pharmacy If you have any further questions click here for our full Champions  Q & A

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can you buy adipex in mexico Become A Champion of Delight Now

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discount phentermine overnight Want to share your own good news? Join the Delight Makers »