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This Week’s Featured Storyteller – Kevin James Carroll

Recording in the stunning hinterland of Byron Bay and Australian Bush we filmed in the most incredible rains. Believe it or not we filmed this story when there was a break in the heaviest down pours and this is when the lightest rains of the day were falling!  Kevin shares a true story of his own path of awakening and how the natural world became his teacher.

Born in Australia, Kevin now travels the world sharing the experience of these heart opening chanting circles.

Kevin took some time with us to share memories of his own childhood ….

“I come from a family of 6 children. I’m number 5. There are 5 boys and one girl, her name is Frances. We called her “Rat” and she loved the title. Most of us were named fresh out of the bible. Tom, Marc, Paul and Peter. Though I was named after the local police chief who was my Dad’s best friend. Kevin James Orio. That was the done thing back then.”

“I grew up with at least 4 cats constantly as my mother loved cats. When one died, we got a kitten. That was a good lesson about endings being beginnings. So now I really have a way with cats.”

“And of course we had the faithful dog. Slugger. He was so intelligent, that if someone farted in the living room, he would flatten his ears, put his tail between his legs and walk out of the room because he knew that he would be blamed. My father would say, ‘Slugger! Yooouuu dirty dog!’ as he opened the door for him.”

“Slugger was willing to take the blame for anyone without holding any grudge….we all loved him for that.”

“Our cats loved us so much that they would catch native animals and bring them to us alive as an offering for us to eat. So we became a wildlife refuge as we nursed all kinds of animals back to health. Back then, we didn’t have knowledge about endangered species. Luckily we saved most of them. You can imagine our living room with feather tail gliders gliding from one chair to the other and the cats stalking them, but Slugger was trained to protect them.”

What was it like to be raised in what today is a fairly large family?

“We grew up with an incredible amount of freedom as children. You can imagine 6 kids, wild and free. We were a tribe and we kept each other in check.”

“There was no shortage of fun. We lived on the outskirts of town so the bush was our playground. I remember when friends would come over to play they would have the time of their lives.”

“There were very few kids that were allowed to play with us. My friend John came over once and we just disappeared for the day, we went to the tip, collected junk and put together a raft from foam and tyre tubes and went down the river all the way to the sea and took it into the waves.”

“When John’s parents asked where he was, mum said. ‘I don’t know but don’t worry, they have the dog with them so they’ll find their way back home.’ We arrived back on dusk, wet, starving and covered in mud. John’s parents were waiting in the driveway. Our bubble of fun was immediately burst as John got smacked and thrown in the car.”

“As they sped off without saying goodbye, I asked mum what was wrong? She said, ‘don’t worry about it.’Mum took us all into the back yard, lined us up and hosed us down, then stacked us all in the hot bath. All five of us together. John was never allowed to play with us again.”

After so much freedom as a child where do you find delight in your life today?

“The thing that delights me the most is travelling. I love seeing things I’ve never seen before. It puts me in a state of wonder. Growing up in my small town I remember pretending I’d never been there before when I had to travel the same old road back to my house every day, just for the feeling. I knew I would travel one day.”

Your Bed Time Story

When in your life did the story occur?

“It happened to me in Kuranda QLD in 1994. It was the beginning of me making peace with myself, and therefore peace with the world.”

“I wish that it will help others to end the insanity of dividing yourself and arguing or fighting with your own reflection.”

What stories do you most enjoy hearing?

“I always enjoy funny or enlightening stories. I really like Roald Dahl.”

Do you have a favourite quotation or words of inspiration?

“I’ve made many of my own ……

‘The hardest thing to face in life is your own reflection.’  Also …Do you know the saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well my version is;

‘You can have your cake and eat it too, and have some left to share.’ “

Who would you say has most inspired you?


We will be covering more from Kevin later this week, and sharing his beautiful musical piece for Uncle Bob Randall.

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