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The 21st Century

Manslaughter, Murder, Crimes of Passion, “Honour” Killing

Rape : Date, Gang, Marital, Incestual, Child and as a Weapon of War

Economic Slavery, Political Silence, Imprisonment in the Home

20 Million Trafficked for Sex and Domestic Slavery

140 Million, in at least 28 countries, have undergone Female Genital Mutilation

Controlled Birthing, Gender Selective Abortion, Infanticide

No Voice, No Vote

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You could say that this is unthinkable, but somebody IS thinking it, millions are, and from those thoughts come actions. It is our thinking that is the source from which our reality manifests itself; it is the source of our pain.

Believe it or not, that may be the best news we can hear, as our thinking is something we can change. We can all change our minds.

And if we take the invitation to explore our consciousness more deeply and ask the questions posed by both ancient wisdom keepers and leading edge scientists, what healing power might we unleash, birth for ourselves, our planet, our children?

What if the world really is a reflection of our consciousness, our thinking?

What if the every thought were a signal manifesting in the material?

What if we our nightmares are quickening to wake us up and push towards the birth of a new dream?

One of the saddest things about violence against women is that it is often created, supported and facilitated by women. A Taboo conversation that’s time has come.

There are now 3.5 Billion women on the Earth, that is 50% of the territory of our global consciousness. Women are the doorway for evolution, for what will be birthed in our future generations. Our bodies are the ground for a New Earth, the space from which our future consciousness will emerge. Are we claiming and honouring our territory? Are we leading the way in making this space for consciousness sacred or are we waiting to be saved, and continuing the story of the powerless victim?

We can change our minds, we can change our actions, we can change our intention. We are so powerful, we are so creative and we can birth a new reality.

Imagine 3.5 Billion women with a collective intention for change, the intention to lead and the determination to keep their space sacred.

And given that so many men in our world are beautiful souls, choosing the path of love, and who also need the freedom to love and express the gentle and courageous heart, then we must be in with a winning chance for Big Love to be set free on our planet.

Let’s break the Taboo! It’s time for a conscious conversation ……

To register your interest in furthering the conversation of how our consciousness affects gender based violence and how changing our minds can change this reality please register below :

Your details will be kept completely private and we will contact you with an invitation to participate in, and co-create, amazing healing initiatives that can ignite change.

Conscious Conversation

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