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The Delight Makers Foundation has now become an  Officially Recognised Charity. Hooray !

Continued We are blessed to have had the contribution of so many beautiful souls supporting us in our early days as a fledgling organisation.

Posting We feel that something big is getting ready to happen. We heard that we had achieved our charity status and suddenly a very big energy came flooding in ….

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website page Read the Full Article Half a Million Amazing Individuals

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diazepam usp came and visited our website …..  we are very excited and very delighted to open our doors for a Big LOVE World.

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Looking at

website link Chief Sonne Reyna,   Kevin Billett,  Brandon Bays,   Rev. Peter Owen-Jones,  Kerrianne Cox,  David Warth, Kisha Burlinson,   Deva Premal,   Miten,   Stevie Salas,   Eshua Bolton,   Chris James,   Robina Courtin,   Ghata Engels,   Kamal Engels,   Isaac Shapiro,  Neil Del Strother,   Rebecca Kenyon,   Mark Lapwood,   Mary Remedios,   Yossi Ghinsberg,   Paul Hoogendyk,   Gaby Burt,   Tamsyn Rosenberg,   Arlee Bryant,   Neil Bryant,   Saranya Dasi,   Dominic Johnson,   Per Sinclair,   Noriko Tadano,  Alex Esquerdeiro,  Robert Hewitt,   Kevin James Carroll,   Tenzin Cheogyal,   Laynee  Bluebird,   Uncle Harry Boyd,   Bunna Lawrie,  Rom Orlev Lifschitz,   Dianne Young,   Kalindi,   Jo Beams,   Uncle,   Oona Soleil, Nirado Griffin,  Domhnal Slattery,  David Voyce,   Alan Edwards,   Mark Lewis,   Jo Craven,  Melody Curtis,   Johan Saunders,   Sadie James,   Hartwig Kopp-Delaney,   Bartlomiej Jurkowski – Houk,   Raymond Haddad,   Alice Pop Korn,   Walter Bruneel,   Children At Risk Foundation,   International Labour Organization,   Claudia Wermelinger,   Jeanne Figueira Grossetti,   Tobias Morgan,   Anuradha Hamby,   Christian Carrillo,   David Asen,   Jamyang Dolma,   Anne Lambert,   Saranya Dasi,  Barry Durdant-Hollamby,  Merlin’s Diary, Sarah Newlands,   Scott Evans,   Gemma Garner, Rosemary Ryder-Richardson, Colin Ryder-Richardson, Jason Chan, Julie Bryant, Kath Burlinson, Chris Grady, Nicky Somers, Jez Hughes, Ben Cole, Caroline Carey, Leo Rutherford, Lama Surya Das, Rob Kirby, Gemma Garner, Scott Evans, Sarova Hotels, Naked Dragon, Raymond Curtis,  Viola Curtis,  Nina Hellenberg, Malcolm Edwards. webpage THANK YOU to all of our Members & to all those who have made donations to the organisation.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

More Info Now it’s time to get ready for our full launch and to let the Big Love Journey unfold !

enter site We have a Big Vision to birth many Beautiful Projects of Love, Unity & Joy.

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How Much Does Soma Cost on the Street Follow the link for more information, or to JOIN US.

watch If you would like to be part of Making the Magic Happen and to Help Us Launch

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Review Please Connect Here

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Magic Making

If you want to be part of some big magic making please connect here or call us on +44 (0) 1344 844 624

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