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Our 2013 New Year Resolutions

Here are our New Year’s Resolutions … and New Era Resolutions. You are more than welcome to join us !

We’ve made FIVE … Here is NUMBER 4

4) Increase the level of happiness on our planet. Invest in peace, love, laughter and delight.

Invest your life, energy, resources, skills, money and time in that which raises the vibration of the Earth and that which increases the well being of all.

Ask yourself the question “Is this : path, action, product, role, habit, job etc increasing the well being and happiness of me, my loved ones, community or planet?”

If Yes, celebrate and share and … if No, take steps to stop and change to a choice that makes you feel good!

Asking yourself this question can be a great way to uncover limiting and sabotaging beliefs. You know the ones … all those transparent “truths” that are so ingrained that we that we do not even realise that they are just beliefs.

For Some Insightful Fun, Discovery and Freedom …

Make a list of all the “Reasons & Justifications” for continuing to support any action that is not bringing you happiness, or helping to raise both your vibration and that of the planet.

Now review that list and ask yourself “Is this true?” … perhaps get together with a friend and do Byron Katie’s The Work on them?

OR, if you doubt the wisdom of daring to change may we suggest using Death As Your Advisor.

If you were to die today, tomorrow, sometime this year … will that list of Beliefs, Reasons & Justifications feel valid and stand up as the the choice to have lived for … to have given your life for?

Will you be able to say a Big YES to the question : “Did I love enough? Did I laugh enough? Did I make a positive difference? Did I Make Delight?” :)

About The Delight Makers

Our mission is to end poverty consciousness and help every person experience and know themselves as source… i.e. more than enough, priceless in fact. We do this by investing in projects that will spread this experience to increase individual and planetary happiness and well being.

Our projects are beautiful, inspiring, joyful and celebratory allowing each individual to contribute the gift of their unique essence and wisdom to the beauty of the whole.

Our measurement for success is to see wealth redefined to one determined by the level of happiness and laughter in the world’s children.

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