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where can i buy adipex in the uk How does Mujica’s salary compare with earnings of other political leaders? Assuming that most of the highest-paid political leaders do not give away an important fraction of their salary, and just to mention a few comparative examples, Mujica’s annual take-home pay (US$15,000) is 5.8 percent of David Cameron’s (UK) annual income; 4.2 percent of Stephen Harper’s (Canada); 3.1 percent of B. Obama’s yearly income (USA); 2.9 percent of Kenya’s Raila Odinga; just 2.5 percent of what Julia Gillard of Australia earns, and only 0.7% of the income amassed by Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore. can i get tramadol online At a time when many world leaders request or impose austerity on their country’s citizens, Mujica himself maintains a very simple and austere lifestyle. He doesn’t live in the Palace of Suarez y Reyes, the official presidential residence. Instead, he lives in a farmhouse in Rincón del Cerro, a locality in the outskirts of Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital. Buy viagra legally online order valium 10mg

cheap adipex 37.5 mg buy generic xanax from canada Jose Mujica was a leader of the Uruguayan guerrilla group known as the National Liberation Movement – Tupamaros (MLN). Between 1960 and 1972, the Tupamaros clashed with the Conservative government of Uruguay, but were defeated in 1972. Most Tupamaro leaders, including José Mujica, were jailed and remained in captivity during the military dictatorship that ruled the country between 1973 and 1985.

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Buy viagra paypal accepted uk xanax online Uruguay is the second smallest nation in South America by area, after Suriname. With an area of about 176,215 sq km, is slightly smaller than the state of Washington. However, it is the third most developed country on the continent (after Argentina and Chile), with a GDP per capita of $15,656. That’s less than one third of the United States’ GDP per capita, but triple the GDP of Bolivia and its neighbour Paraguay, which have GDP per capita of just $4,843 and $5,548, respectively. buy zolpidem online cheap Under Mujica’s government, Uruguay has become known for low levels of corruption. The country ranks as the second least corrupt country in Latin America (after Chile) in the Transparency International’s Global Corruption Index (25th worldwide), and was listed second in Latin America (after Argentina) in the 2011 International Living’s Quality of Life Index (22nd worldwide).

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