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Kseniya Simonova Wishes You A Happy New Year

The Lady of the Sand is giving a beautiful New Year’s present to all her viewers sharing her brand new artwork. It is an invention of Kseniya on which she has been working for a very long time.

“I wish you to leave your rucksacks under the Christmas tree — no matter what these rucksacks are — problems, work obligation or emotional. Just leave them, then stand stretch, put up your arms… higher, higher… do you feel it?”

“Did you touch? Yes, yes — it is a Star.”

“No matter from where — from the roof or from the sky. Just look inside the Star — didn’t you know that every Star has a mirror inside? It must reflect your happy face. Please, be happy! — it is the main goal of all my artworks — whatever they are sad or funny. Be happy and… inspired. Happy New Year!”


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