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buy phentermine 30mg It’s been more than 230 days since Carlo Garcia bought a cup of coffee. order valium 10mg “One day this idea popped into my head: How hard would it be to give back to charity every day? What’s stopping us from doing that?” said Garcia, who catalogs his daily donations on his blog, Living Philanthropic.
“Because I don’t make a whole lot of money, I had to look at my finances and see what areas of unnecessary spending I could cut,” he said.
That’s when Starbucks got the boot in favor of free coffee at the ticketing company where Garcia works.
“That’s five dollars right there that could go to charity,” Garcia said.
While charities still rely primarily on the Bill Gateses and Warren Buffetts of the world, Garcia is a new breed of benefactor: a “microphilanthropist.” And even though he can only give a little, some experts believe that he and his fellow mini-donors have the potential to change the altruistic landscape. soma london shop online

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