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Here he is with Clark Peters from The Wire:

It might be worth noting that when he was a child, Jon was diagnosed by doctors with severe mental retardation and ADHD and was treated for two years in a State Hospital.

But he still became Mayor.

Jon is a hands-on kind of politician when it comes to making changes for his city.

He also really likes to show his support at Gay Pride.

Here’s Jon inexplicably dressed as a Jedi hanging out with Gaga:

Jon and his wife once toured in a punk rock band with Iceland’s coolest musical export, Bjork. (And they’re still good buddies).

I guess you could say his whole political ethos is like a Banksy painting come to life.

So respect to you Mr. Gnarr. We need more people like you in politics!

Note from The Delight Makers : We are not into the polar bear for the Reykjavík zoo, other than that he does seem very cool !

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