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Buy valium no prescription Meditating With Dinosaurs…Really?–by Karen Horneffer Ginter, Original Story, May 31, 2012When I first encountered Pascal’s words, I felt like they were telling me, in a poetic way, to sit down and shut up, and that just felt, well… sort of rude. It also felt a bit insulting, in suggesting that for myself or for others, we bring a chunk of our suffering onto ourselves because we’re too cowardly to sit quietly and face our thoughts and our feelings. soma online overnight

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order carisoprodol overnight Even if we only have a minute or two — only time to take in three or four conscious breaths and listen within for a brief moment — it’s worth experimenting with how this can make a difference in the quality of our day. Try doing this while sitting in your chair, or if you feel so moved, push aside some of the kids’ toys, the dog’s bones, or the pile of laundry — and sit down on the floor right in front of you. Experiment with Pascal’s message for yourself. order soma 350 mg

All of the troubles of life come upon us because we refuse to sit quietly for a while each day in our rooms. –Blaise Pascal

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