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Image by : EARTH LOVERS, D.Rourke & Teresa Wild

Send a message of love to the Earth. Join a worldwide campaign for laws to protect it.

Earth law = people + planet

We believe that our Earth is precious. We are calling on our leaders of the world to create laws to protect it.

Your love letter will live on the website along with many others from people around the world. During 2012 these letters and images will also be sent to world leaders. When enough of us speak out on behalf of the Earth, our leaders will act.

With all our voices together we believe we can have Earth law in place before the end of 2012. In June 2012 in Rio leaders of the world are meeting to hold an Earth Summit to decide the fate for us all. Our ask is for them to make Earth law at the Earth Summit.

Earth law is law which places people and planet above profit. The most important Earth law we need to put in place is an international crime of Ecocide — to prevent mass destruction of the Earth. You can find out more about making Ecocide a crime at

A beautiful sample of a love letter -

Dear Earth, I have loved you all my life. At the age of 8, in a bluebell world, I lay down on your sweet bed amongst flowers the colour of heaven and made a pledge to keep you safe, just as you keep me safe. You give me joy and a fierce belief that the practical wisdom that you blessed me with is a gift for me to share all my life with everyone. This is my life path, it is my vision, it is my whole belief system that by combining the power of womanly love and wisdom that we can support and heal your beautiful ecosystems. By healing you, we heal ourselves. If we ignore your plight through blind, destructive consumerism then we have no-one to blame but ourselves.
Thank you beautiful Earth, I thank you everyday for your bounty that provides me with every need – but not for my greed. You share with grace, we take disgracefully. Please continue to bless us and nuture us on this new path as we awaken, stretch and become active protectors on your gifts.
With all my heartfelt love.

United Kingdom

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