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Billy Ray Harris, 55, has been living on the streets for many years. Recently while panhandling for change on the streets of Kansas City, Harris received an unexpected donation in his collection cup; a platinum diamond ring.

Harris had no idea who gave him the ring, which he found when he closed up shop for the day in the loose change he had earlier acquired. He assumed it was a fake, but took it to a local pawnshop to be sure. There, moments after showing the pawn broker the item, Harris was offered a cool $4,000 cash. He declined the offer, and left the store as poor as he walked in.

Harris said his grandfather raised him to be an honest man. He defended his decision to not sell the ring, “I am not trying to say that I am no saint, but I am no devil either.” He planned to keep the ring, and if the owner came back to claim it, he would return it to them no questions asked.

The next day Kansaas City resident Sarah Darling went to Billy Ray Harris’ usual begging spot, and she asked him if he had received anything unusual in his cup yesterday. Harris then immediately produced the ring, and Darling’s eyes grew large and he knew it had belonged to her.

Stunned, Sarah Darling did not expect her search to be so easy. She said to Harris, “It was just such a feeling of loss when it was gone. I am eternally grateful to you.”

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