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Most people use the word entrepreneur, and they don’t have a clue what an entrepreneur is.

It’s not defined by subject matter. A) They’re an entrepreneur so it’s about fundamental change. And B) they’re committed to the good of all.

It’s not “corporate social responsibility” – a little footnote off at the edge – but right at the core. This person is totally committed to the good of everybody, the whole society.

I think this is where society in general is headed in the future and these people are already there.

And social entrepreneurs use the terminology and the techniques of the business world?

This is another thing that is very confusing. Traditionally, when you start thinking about “entrepreneur” you start thinking about business. But [nursing pioneer] Florence Nightingale was a brilliant entrepreneur. [Education reformer] Maria Montessori was. Saint Francis of Assisi was. None of these people were in business.

Around 1700 business become entrepreneurial and just took off and became highly productive and grew in scale and globalized.

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