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Members of the alliance, of which there are currently about 3,000, are keen to get across their views about the world. They feel that the values that they have are sustainable and humane and are connected with the long-term wellbeing of individuals and communities.

By 2018, the goal of F4HS is to ensure that the concepts and strategies of a holistic approach to spirituality are fully embedded in the language of education, healthcare, social services, community building and the rest of public life.

To grow the movement further, the team have devised the Spiritual Companions Course, which trains mentors to work with others who are on their own holistic spiritual journey in life. The project is currently running in London, Norwich, Glastonbury and Harrogate.

F4HS has also begun to roll out the Holistic Map online, a kind of holistic Yellow Pages, which is attempting to map and list all UK centres, projects and people who are involved with a holistic approach to contemporary life and spirituality.

As the foundation continues to develop and look for new ways to spread its message, there is a good chance the movement could strengthen at a time when it seems much of society is looking for new meaning in life.

“The census was an obvious platform to say something positive,” says William. “Although we don’t yet know how successful we’ve been in terms of influencing people to fill in their census forms and won’t know the top line results until late 2012, we will continue to move forward with delivering real policy work including forming partnerships with relevant agencies, developing training programmes for education and the NHS, and overall translating modern spirituality into practical strategies that help schools, nurses, doctors and social workers too.”

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