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No idea is taboo for a Sacred Clown…..

© Copyright CARF (Children At Risk Foundation)

The Sacred Clowns are everywhere throughout our collective history, and are documented as far back 2500 BC, in civilisations as widespread as Egypt, China and Europe. They have been our court jesters, harlequins and circus clowns. Today, in their most modern form they are our comedians, the ones who dare to go to beyond the pale and confront us with our madness.

The origins of the Sacred Clowns are certainly much older than these more documented civilisations, and in our most ancient cultures the role of Sacred Clowns goes back as far as time can be recounted. For the Native American Indians the Sacred Clowns are magical people and the teachers of wisdom. To them the path of the Sacred Clown was, and still is, considered a spiritual calling, vital to the balanced functioning of the community, and as important as the role of chief.

The message of the Sacred Clown is joyfulness. They suggest that we participate in the great cosmic joke, urging us to let go of our heaviness so that we do not miss out on the wonder of the mystery, and the magic of the moment. As they delight in folly and play they show us how to revel in life.

The Delight Makers name comes from a translation of their name: Koshare, Heyoka and Ha Hawkan.

When we begin to take ourselves too seriously or are full of self-importance, the Sacred Clown appears to shake us up, delight us, and get us to lighten ourselves up. Within the safe boundary of comedy and laughter they show us our own foolishness and blind-spots. They expose and mimic our most absurd, ugly and ridiculous behavior, challenging us to wake up from our misery and rise to our higher potential.

Clowns, fools and tricksters show us how we fool and trick ourselves. Perhaps through innocence, but always with curiosity, their inquisitiveness seems to create havoc and an unexpected backfiring of events. They cause storms in their environment and yet despite the apparent creation of havoc their energy opens up new possibilities.

They cross boundaries and blunder through traditions and in so doing they reveal the chains in which we have wrapped ourselves. From their antics new discoveries are made, opportunities are born from the chaos and new perceptions are born. Spontaneous adventure gives rise to creativity, and as our rigid rules are broken down we suddenly breakthrough our illusions and find ourselves free to experience the world anew.

The Delight Makers are providing a pathway to joy. In our continuing program of articles and reports we will be bringing together the elements of consciousness transformation that take us from ordinary reality to extraordinary reality.

Delight Making is exactly what it says it is; the ability to make delight, from our own essence. To do that we need to recover the energy lost in the activities that exhaust us and cut us off from experiencing the unifying life force contained within us: negative thinking, destructive emotions and fears.

copyright © 2010 by S. Koshare Edouardes
All rights reserved