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“Challenges often seem insurmountable and all too often even while they may be in the most loving of families our young feel alone and overwhelmed. Everyday they are faced with issues such as lack of personal confidence, dealing with the pressures of being a teenager, physical illness, overcoming bullying, bereavement or loss, or just dealing with the normal pressures of everyday life…youth have a lot to deal with.”

I have been working with youths for 13 years and as a mother of three children, I understand the challenges that accompany parenthood and children today. I have been using a range of tools and activities to help Youth discover the Truth of who they are. These tools are so practical and simple they can be used throughout their lives.”

Asking herself the question “How do we inspire them to search for the beauty inside, with all the noise and confusion of competing influences all around?” she came to an answer and created Get Real 4 Youth.

“The Get Real camp is a great opportunity for Youth to explore any blocks that may be holding them back in life and for them to discover their own answers to releasing these blocks. To help them discover that the person inside is so much stronger, more capable, more valuable than they may realise. This brings hope and direction into their lives. At camp they will learn practical tools to build confidence, communicate openly, overcome obstacles, and discover what they truly want for their lives. We help them find in themselves the desire and the skills to build meaningful and magical lives.”

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