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It is also the story of a piece of “Pounamu,” the sacred greenstone of New Zealand, that came to Paul to carve into 12 symbols and the journey of each one to its final resting place at a sacred site somewhere in the world. Every symbol has its own special meaning and purpose.

Their intent is to share the journey that spirit set them on in 1991 so that it may help others to have the courage to follow their own instincts and inner knowing.

Therefore becoming more of who they are truly meant to be in this time of uncertainty and change, with hope, intent, clarity and loads of fun.
It is also to honour the Ancient people, their knowledge and wisdom and the ancient sacred sites of this amazing planet we get to call home.”
It has led them to powerful places; extraordinary people and some amazing adventures/happenings all over the Earth.
They have written the book, “Set By The Ancients” and created a collection of cds as a result of this shared journey now spanning over two decades.

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