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The profundity of Kerrianne’s songs comes from her deep relationship with her people and Land, the Mother. She is an active representative and elected leader of her community, working with government, legal and health services toward Indigenous independence and self-determination.

Since 2006 Kerrianne has devoted herself to working toward a new model of governance for Australia which includes the ‘Original Sovereigns’, the First People of this country.
She has spoken on radio, television, seminars and presentations all across the country and will be in the North Coast in December for two very special performances and discussions.

“I come to share a new way forward that delivers us to a vision that brings all cultures of Australia together on equal terms.
I call on all those who hear the calling of our ancestor the rock, earth mother and return home to her, to the sacred birth place that gives us life to exist. I ask of you to commit your service to humanity to the healing and restoration to all our original sovereign people and their core family unit. I ask you to right the wrong of the past with me and my people and join us to bring forth the natural order and balance back into Our Mother land.”


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