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A Warm Welcome to The Delight Makers Foundation !

This page has been created to share our vision for A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories and share some the beautiful stories collected during our pilot of the project.

For those new to the project this first video is a taster of the stories, and introduces a few of the many different storytellers that are joining us in our vision.

A Better World Story

Our thoughts, our words and the stories we tell to ourselves and to our children are powerful beyond measure. Our aim in the project is to create a treasure trove of wisdom to give to the world’s children, a wealth beyond material accumulation that provides the inspiration of great storytelling and encourages participation in the telling of a better world story.

We ask the storytellers to consider the following question to establish which story they would like to share …….

“If you had only one story that you could tell to your children, grandchildren and children of the world; what would it be, the story with the power to make a difference? Or, if you could go back and tell the younger you one story, what would it be?”

And so, with a Thousand Grandparents comes a Thousand Responses, a Thousand Treasures and a Thousand Ways to reach through to the magic inside each child. Thank the heavens for diversity!

Manifesting the Dream

A short introduction about “A Thousand Grandparents & Bedtime Stories” by Samantha
(Founder of The Delightmakers)

We need support to make this happen and we are open to receiving help in all forms.

Our aim for the public launch of the project and the stories, is that this service will be freely available to all children via the internet and, funds permitting, will be delivered through street cinema and orphanages to children in impoverished areas and circumstances. If this project resonates with you, may we ask that you take a look at our suggestions at the bottom of the page for ways you can help.


Settle down for an intense and wild ride! Meet this lovely, unconventional and very spirited “English Priest” as he generously shares his first children’s book Abraxus Hex. The story is over an hour long … here is Part One …

Abraxus Hex, Part 1
Peter Owen-Jones

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And from Priests to Rock Stars …

Stevie Salas – Grandma’s Gift


The Most Beautiful Heart
Ghata Engels

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Not all of our “Grandparents” and Storytellers tell a story in the traditional format. As the project unfolds you will be delighted by songs, poems, processes, exercises and meditations.

You can Sing, Part 1
Chris James

Chris takes the children into the first steps of discovering the secrets of their voice and then onto the delights of playing with music in the following sessions.

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Tiddalik the Frog

An ancient and delightful  indigenous wisdom story from the Dream Time of Australia, told by the wonderful singer and songwriter …

Kerrianne Cox

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Fear Busting

This “story” told by Kevin, is in fact an adapted participatory Fear Change Process.

Kevin Billett


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Our suggestions :

1) Become a member of The Delight Makers Foundation. For just £3 per month you can help us to manifest this vision across the globe.  Click here to

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2) Make a Donation to support the project


The Everlasting Gift

The funds raised with this project will travel incredible distances and touch many hearts, with each story recorded having the potential to reach millions of children, young people and adults. It is a gift of love, timeless, limitless and able to grow into much, much more.

As a Thank You for your support, you will be given private preview access to A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories, as the stories are filmed and edited, prior to the public launch.

Further Ways That You Can Help
  • Share a Story : This project needs spiritual warriors, great storytellers, entertainers, wisdom keepers and elders, from all cultures who would be willing to share, on film, a story for the project. If you would like to share a story or nominate a storyteller please contact us at [email protected] .
  • Sponsor-a-Story : If you are in a position to help with fundraising or sponsor a part of the project through your organisation we would be delighted to speak to you about other fundraising possibilities and ideas.
Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to visit and find out more about the foundation and our first project of A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories.

If you would like more information on the Project Vision, Storytellers, Stories and Future phases of the project, please take a tour through the Bed Time Stories section by selecting pages from the Top Menu Bar.