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lorazepam order bromazepam The idea of A Thousand Grandparents, as it turns out, is not as small as first thought and there are now a number of future phases outlined beyond the initial plan to gather 1,000  beautiful stories.

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buy phentermine bulk can you buy phentermine at cvs The project so far …. non prescription phentermine online

where to buy phentermine no prescription no fees Fifty stories have been recorded and the next one hundred are scheduled for recording in 2011. The plan for the first phase is to collect 250 stories and establish a solid library for all ages, from the very young children through to young adults, prior to public release. (Expected release date, March 2012). carisoprodol 350 mg po tabs buy lorazepam in mexico Whilst the first 250 stories are being recorded and edited we will be making them available for viewing to selected groups of children by working in conjunction with children’s charities. This will enable us to get feedback for the service and the stories so that we can fine tune the project.  The stories will also be made available to Delight Maker Members, from October 2011, as they are recorded and edited.

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buy xanax r039 From this point on, after the public launch, new stories will be recorded and released each month, with a target to bring out 20 new stories a month in the first year and then growing as the project expands throughout 2012.

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Languages & Nations buy valium medication valium non prescription phentermine to buy in usa The vision for the project is that it will be recorded and translated into many languages to encourage the greatest level of cross-cultural appreciation and unity. The first round of stories have been recorded in the UK  and Australia, and over the next few months more nations and languages will be included. Throughout 2011 and 2012 we will be recording in Kenya, South Africa, Spain, France, Germany, Nepal, Tibet, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Polynesia, Scandinavia, UK and USA. Further plans are being made for stories from the Middle East, Asia, South & Central America for 2012 and beyond.

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Next Phases do i need a prescription for valium Our initial launch of the project is through the internet and we are looking at other media options for mainstream access. To enable us to reach more children and extend our delivery beyond those with internet access we are working with a number of children’s charities across the world  to reach children in need and provide them with access  to the nurturing stories and beautiful grandparents.

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buy generic adipex p There are children in every nation, rich and poor, across the world that have experienced or are experiencing traumatic life situations. Care organisations must give priority to the physical emergencies and it is often the case that there are scarce resources left to take care of emotional needs. The challenge, simply expressed by the explanation given by one orphanage, “We can get the children off the streets, give them a bed, clothes and food, but we cannot help them sleep at night.”

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phentermine orders cod order carisoprodol 350 mg We will be creating mobile cinema packs to take to impoverished areas, orphanages and to provide to agencies working with street children, where the films can act as a bridging point to create safe contacts and links to those who can help them back to safe communities.

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cheap lorazepam without prescription At the most basic level our intention is that the stories will bring comfort, inspiration, wisdom, healing and beautiful dreams to the children. However, we feel that the stories have the potential to bring much more :

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  • Exposure to, or the experience of humanity at it’s best : joyful, honest, conscious, loving, wise and grounded.
  • A basis for re-establishing bridges of trust between young and old.
  • The opportunity to experience people as individuals and look beyond colour, race, nationality, gender or belief.
  • The ingredients for a beautifully lived life.
Children are not the only beneficiaries …. buy generic soma with your mastercard now The project also brings to light the growing absence of grandparent presence within many societies today, as more and more elders become isolated from families and a growing gap between the old and the young is becoming more evident and alienation stronger. Not only are the generations missing out from the absence of this deep connection between generations, but we are collectively losing beautiful cultural wisdoms and histories from many societies.

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clonazepam cheap no membership The projects goals are to transform lives though joy, to offer an experience of clear truth, to show that wisdom comes from all cultures and that the Elder that you may have come to overlook, could be the keeper of a treasure trove of magical knowledge and beautiful wisdom; and through this realisation, young eyes may be opened to a re-evaluation of our elders. xanax pills for sale online buy diazepam online In addition to taking stories and films into communities we will, at the same time, be collecting and preserving stories from communities. This is a key element to the project and of great importance to the communities as whole, especially to the esteem of young people, enabling them to see that their heritage and culture is important and of value. To see that the stories and voices of their grandmothers and grandfathers are valued equally to a story from a well known person for example, can go some way to rebalancing the current situation, where global culture is dominated by the voices of a few people in a few nations. buy lorazepam 2mg

diazepam online prescription Beyond the recording and delivery of  Bed Time Stories there are future phases and sub-projects outlined to encourage participation across the generations. We will post more information on these phases as the plans are finalised. Essentially we are working towards the creation of a safe online community for young people to access wisdom and gain self realisation where we can build more projects, more creativity, more love and more unity. prescription lorazepam online
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